Irina Sava
Graphic Designer

If you're looking for a skilled designer who thinks of her clients as her colleagues and who will discover together with you exactly what you need and expect, Irina is the right professional to work with. She values her craft, likes to solve challenges for brands she believes in and does work she's proud of.

Simona Filip
Account executive

Simona manages client relationships and transforms them into long-lasting partnerships and friendships. She believes in better experiences for real people so she's always alert to context, focused on result and on creating work that doesn't just look good but makes perfect sense too.

Cornel Sava
Financial wizard

Cornel leads the financial arm of our studio and deals with all the money planning and decision making so we can preserve free artistic expression. He's one of those few entrepreneurs with a great ability to adapt, always has the big picture in mind and he's one of the calmest people we know.

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