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We can't imagine life without beautiful artworks and we always get excited when we come across new, original illustrations. And we regularly persuade Irina to play more with illustrations. Here are some of her creations.



Trying to understand human nature is important to me and I believe drawing can help you do that. I often associate a person in my real life with an imaginary character and the outcome is always a funny, bubbly illustration.


A bright-coloured version of my friend Adela, with a touch of Audrey Hepburn. She has a very unique style and way of being, a great source of inspiration for illustrations.


This is inspired by a former workmate and a bit by Cruella de Vil. Madamme is a pampered, well brought up lady with whom you can talk endlessly about books, art and growing up with a maid.


How I envisioned some of my favourite covers of DoR, a storytelling magazine we enjoy and support from the very first issue. This personal project was also acknowledged in the article below from a series highlighting DoR subscribers.

Miniportret de abonat Decât o Revistă


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