Reshaping local journalism


We need local and independent journalism more than ever to connect with our communities and get timely, unbiased information about them. This is what Iașul nostru, a newsletter developed by Alex Enășescu through Substack Local initiative, strives for and we're happy to support him in his mission with a minimalist and cohesive visual identity, fit for purpose.


The best part of this project was sharing the creative process with Alex and building together the Iașul nostru logo. He is a dedicated journalist-turned-entrepreneur who knew exactly what he wanted for his newsletter's logo. Collaboration always makes a difference.

Understanding Alex's vision, hopes and fears eased the creative process and helped us shape a simple but full of meaning logo: vocal, accountable, relevant, like the journalism he wants to provide in his publication.

Creating the logo and visual style of Iașul nostru made us feel part of something bigger: a global effort to prioritize local journalism which is put in motion by initiatives such as Substack Local. The program selected Alex and 11 other independent writers from around the world to support financially and mentor for a year to develop a sustainable local news publication. We'll try to back him up as much as we can and encourage you to do the same.


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